Perfume Pod

The perfumepod is the easy way to take your favourite perfume, wherever you go.

Small enough to take to any party!

The perfumepod contains 65 sprays of your favourite fragrance, enough to keep you smelling great all night!

Perfume Pod

Fly away with the perfumepod!

The perfumepod is aircraft approved, so you can take it in your hand luggage wherever you go!

Perfume Pod

Perfume Pod

Why get a perfumepod?

Compact and aircraft safe

You can take it with you anywhere – even on a airplane!

Easy to Fill

The perfumepod refills in seconds from any standard perfume bottle. Simply place it on top of the bottle and pump to fill.

See exactly how much you have left

The crystal clear case allows you to see how much fragrance you have left.

Available in 8 bright colours

Choose you favourite colour to compliment not only the perfume, but also the outfit you are wearing.


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